We all experience life events that change us, and therapy can help the healing process so you incorporate your suffering into your life in a positive way. Therapy is especially helpful if you have a trauma, a significant loss, a relationship or a childhood memory that seems to invade every part of your day. There are also other things in our life we can not seem to get past, and we feel stuck>

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) & Brainspotting are very effective tools to help process areas in your life you are feeling stuck. You can regenerate your self, & experience life in a new way. EMDR and Brainspotting are neurobiologically based therapy models using bilateral stimulation and/or brain spots that help you process disturbing & upsetting memories & thoughts in a new & less upsetting way. 

SE (Somatic Experiencing) is another effective treatment to help bring symptom relief to the way body stores unprocessed trauma, or any other felt sense somatic experience of overwhelm, anxiety, panic, spaciness or fear. Through the guidance of observing & facilitating subtle involuntary motor movements to conscious completion, we can feel restored and renewed with symptom relief.

Psychotherapy is when your inner exploration is witnessed by a trained & skilled practitioner that offers insight into possible motives, unconscious conditioning & actions that have effects on one's life.

Karen Sprinkel, Individual & Family Trauma Therapy Corporation Psychotherapy

Karen Sprinkel, Individual & Family Trauma Therapy Corporation